Did David Laid Take Steroids For The Body Transformation?

Our Aim Does Not Criticize Anyone For The Anabolic Steroid Use.

Have You Ever Noticed That Some Of The Individuals Are Blessed With Genetics?

Some of them have faced complications while building muscle mass. Is it the results of hard work or the nutrition and the workout training?

While, some are facing difficulty to reach their goals after spent time several hours in the gym.

Here in this blog, we have David to discuss.

His incredible transformation has gained a lot of fame so, many individuals have this question whether he is natural or taking help from the illegal drugs.

The idol and influences of David are Jeff Seid, Marc Fitt And Hodge Twins.

Who Is David Laid?

David Laid is the 21-year old American professional bodybuilder, powerlifter, fitness model, social media celebrity, and the sponsored athlete, who become more famous by uploading a transformation video on the YouTube.

He has undergone an amazing transformation. In the beginning, he is 5’7’’ and has the 98lbs but, later on, he builds up the 190lbs at height of 6’2’’.

He is the social media celebrity, sponsored athlete, and the fitness model. David has to overcome the issues of everyday life in the teenage years.

He spent his life without his father since he was only 2 years old.David has faced self-confidence issues in his life.

At the age of 14 years old, he was diagnosed with Scoliosis. He has realized that he needs to make his life change.

He started his training to build up the muscle mass and then continue.

David has gathered 26 million views on his video. He just changed his-self from the shredded look to act over the globe.

The David laid shredded physique has accumulated almost 850k followers on the Instagram.

He is not just shredded but, also lift the bench press for 390lbsa and deadlift from 635lbs.

In the very young age, David can bench press for 315lbs.

There is no any doubt that he has undergone an amazing transformation.

But, the question is that: is he really done it from the steroids or selecting natural methods?

David laid has accomplished most of the achievements in his career like the powerlifter, bodybuilder, fitness model, sponsored athlete, and social media celebrity.Laid has an interest in the fitness journey from an early age.

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David has done all of the things in the past and transformed his body to get fame in the social media. He had learned a lot of workout training from the YouTube.

Due to the slim, he started to begin muscle mass. He was motivated to earn a greater physique.

He made several progress in the gym while he is suffered from the low level of confidence.

Is he really take help from the steroids?

There is no any doubt that David has the aesthetic figure in the bodybuilding.

Let’s take a look,

  • The Weight Of The Body:

If we look at the appearance of his body, so we never find the weight that exceeds from the natural range.

The reason for the perfect possible look is the genetics.The genetics have more impact on your look. You can look better by spent time on the gym if you have the best genetics.

Following the natural methods and spent time in the gym require a lot of dedication, power, and consistency.

If we look at his body so, the David laid does not appear any one of the anabolic steroid sign on his body.

There is no any sign of HGH gut, gynecomastia, and bloating sign.

According to some pictures of the David, his muscle look bigger as compared to the natural one.

The anabolic steroids are responsible for increasing the fluid retention and more pumped look.

David Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 185-195lbs (83.5-88.5kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’2’’
  • Age: 20-years-old

The weight of his body is according to the recommended range that is suitable for the natural one.

More commonly, the steroids user have range of the weight.

  • The Gains Timeline:

If we want to predict the actual situation so, it is more important to look at the gain timeline.

Gain timeline is the best way to detect the individual steroid status.

The first step is to collect many pictures and then begin judge.

The first gaining from the lifting of weight is always greater as compared to the natural range and it is called as newbie gains.

After the newbie gain, the process becomes more slow and steady state.

These types of steroids symptoms are the main but, an absence of these sign did not mean that he is free from the anabolic steroids.

We have observed some of the guys in which there are no any appearance of steroid signs are found.

The presence of a classic sign in the body does not mean that he did not take the anabolic steroids. There are many ways to hide the signs of the anabolic steroid such as to run the PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and to incorporate the moderate amount of steroids in a cycle

  • The Half Natty:

He has clearly denied the anabolic steroid use in one of his videos but, in one of his picture, David wearing the Half Natty T-shirts in the Arnold classic expo.

Those who wear this type of T-shirts, it means that he may take steroids within a small range because those who are the natural is not interested to wearing this types of shirts.

David Laid Talked About The Steroid:

He has discussed steroid status in one of the social connection. He has captioned his video that the 3-year transformation is all natural.

In one of his video, he directly talked about steroid use which you can find from the YouTube.

David has licks lips twice in one of his videos.It is widely considered that the person says lie due to the licking of lips for 30 to 50 seconds.

John Cena in one of his video, when questioned about taking anabolic steroids so, and then denied anabolic steroid use after licking the lips for 30 to 40 seconds.

David has also mentioned that, you are not a bad person if you are taking the anabolic steroid. It means that someone has hide the steroid status.

There are many phentermine long term side effects that cause bodybuilders.

He also talked about those people who are talking about that the anabolic steroids are bad and not good for the health.

Laid has spotted 2 types steroid users in one of his video like,

  1. Those who are steroid users and said that they are natural and try to sell their products and those who are competed in the drug organizations.
  2. According to him, he did not set in any one of his category as David did not try to sell any one of the products and to compete.

The Workout Training:

David can deadlift the bench press and squat as the favorite exercise.

He has done many workouts for improving the physique and grow faster.

David has trained for 6 times per week in order to get the maximum result.

Some of the time, David has trained for six hours per day to reach out the goals.

He follows the Push up, Pull ups, and the leg splits.

There are many testosterone booster like Testogen for low testosterone in men.

The basic workouts of the David are back workout or the chest and shoulder workouts.

                                       David Laid Training
 Back Workout Chest And Shoulder Workouts
Deadlifts Seated Barbell Shoulder Press
LatPulldowns Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
Bent Over Barbell Rows Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises
One Arm Dumbbell Rows PecDeck Flyes
Machine LatPulldowns (Underhand Grip) LatPulldowns
Straight Arm Pulldowns Seated Cable Rows
  • The Nutrition:

David has a lack of appetite. He does not want to eat a lot of foods on the regular basis.

His calorie diet depends upon the goals of cutting, and bulking.

David Laid supplement stacks is very simple like:Whey protein, Creatine, Pre-workout, and multi-vitamin.

  • David Laid Steroids:

He could have taken the anabolic steroids for bulking like Dianabol And Deca Durabolin.

These anabolic steroids are responsible for maximizing the muscle mass and boost up the strength level.

David may have taken the anabolic steroids within a small range in his steroid cycle.


There is no any evidence that whether he is natural or on the steroids. According to the physical appearance, he could have taken the bulking steroids such as the Dianabol, Testosterone, And Deca-Durabolin.

David Laid is the best example for those who have lost their confidence in being skinny.

David has done everything through hard work and determination and transformed his physique just like fitness icons.

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